Computer Vision Edge

Packaged as a rugged field-unit, Futops Edge devices connects to any camera system and brings the power of Futops Video analytics to you. Futops Edge is perfectly suited for small to medium sized deployments in Homes, Small Offices, Shops and Warehouses. Whether the requirement is to secure the home with intrusion detection, or count people/vehicles in-and-out of the premises or create detailed analysis of space usage, Futops Edge handles the workload seamlessly. For different geographical locations, several Edge devices can be linked to same user account to implement a truly distributed video analytics system.


Futops Edge-Mini is a full fleshed device which can run any provided analytics one at a time. User can select which analytics to run and same can be configured at the time of deployment.


Futops Edge-Stream enables users to run multiple analytics in parallel on a single stream.


Futops Edge -Express allows user to select multiple cameras at a time, also user can run multiple events in parallel.


An intelligent video AI Platform, making it possible to use any Video analytics as per your need and budget. SCORER allows you to build your own video analysis system. It includes various functions that make up the video analysis system such as "SCORER Edge", "SCORER LTE" and "SCORER Cloud".
SCORER also empowers developers by utilizing these tools and further associating with our engineers and our partners, we can create a video analysis system that can meet a wider range of needs.

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AWS Cloud

Our experts help you make the right decision in your journey to AWS Cloud. We help our customers with selecting the right services for their needs, defining their Cloud journey, and helping them select the right infrastructure and tools required to optimize their existing Cloud architecture and infrastructure designs.

AWS Cloud Strategy & Consulting Use Cases

  • Data security assessment
  • Capacity planning & sizing
  • Existing cloud Infrastructure audit
  • Regulatory & compliance readiness
  • Identify appropriate cloud platform & DevOps tools
  • Cloud Migration business case preparation
  • Workloads classification & migration prioritization
  • Architecture & infrastructure design
  • On-Prem vs Cloud Operating model mapping

Google Cloud Platform

Case Study:- Creating from scratch a SaaS platform that supports loan and credit businesses with the use of a decision-facilating and scoring engine.

A start-up that came to us with a concept for creating a SaaS platform offering advanced tools to support Business Process Management in the financial industry using AI and ML mechanisms. We took on a responsibility for their architecture design and entire product development process.

We created a fully scalable SaaS platform, which is now successfully implemented by 4 end clients. We have conducted complex integrations with 3rd party solutions offering risk assessment and borrower verification services. We have made sure that the final product follows the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines.


Microsoft Azure Cloud

Case Study:- Conducted a thorough technical audit of a customer and its currently used systems, Implemented cloud solutions based on GCP and Azure. The project involved a full configuration of the cloud infrastructure as well as performace improvements in the existing systems to allow real-time processing of large data quantities.

After sucessful implementation customer was able to successfully move all their analytics to the cloud, which in turn boosted up the overall system performance. By reducing Time to Market, they can now react faster to the inreasing client demand, which was much needed given that their analytical platform provides currently business services to around 20 organizations willing to accelerate their digital transformation.