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Futops Video Content analytics for BFSI

Harnessing the potential of ameliorating business.

Bank and finance are one of the sectors where security is paramount and within the past few years crime such as burglary, robberies, cheque card fraud at ATM or vandalism are taking place which leads to massive loss to control such cataclysm Futops offer smart bank video analytics solutions which specially designed for the banking sector.

Use-cases for BFSI

- Vault Security
- Manpower Optimization
- Waiting Time in the Queue
- Customer experience
- Robbery prevention

Futops Solutions & Services for Educational Sector

Making your Educational Journey Easy, Better and Secure

- Bring efficiency to your entire security process, "from detection to response."

- Better utilize security system data to reduce crime and increase safety of your students.

Futops Video Content analytics for Healthcare Sector

Serving holistic security and protection to the hospital industry.

The nature of the healthcare industry 24/7/365 demands extreme vigilance in terms of safety and security which they can’t neglect. There is no second thought in stating that video strategy can lead to being a risk mitigation plan in hospitals but as the best healthcare AI companies we can stretch the capability of ordinary video analytics software into intelligent video analytics software. As AI vendors we work as a bridge between smart video strategies that help healthcare facilities to meet complex demand.

With Our Platform Futops can help to prevent cases like
- Infant abduction,
- False claims
- Security and safety
- And ensuring a safe environment with all time Video Monitoring.

Futops catering its solutions in Manufacturing Industries.

Turning AI/ML into a smart business tool for your business.

  • Safety & Security
  • Asset protection
  • Warehouse Management
Futops Video Content analytics for Smart Cities and Government Security

Making country Smart, Safe and Secure

Futops delivers an Intelligent video system for the respective field of application, from the right camera technology to the high-performance recording systems, and even including intelligent video analysis. Futops video analytics safety software solutions could legally do what peeping tom could not do.
Following could be the use-cases for Government Sectors
- Public security
- Post-event investigation
- Control over vandalism & robbery
- Intelligent Traffic Management.

Futops Video Content analytics at Retail Sector

Bringing the WOW Factor to Customer Experience

What does a retail shopper want? The list would be a lengthy one, but a few of the factors will be common in every consumer’s answer to this question. These factors are a minimal wait time, best prices, plenty of options, and no rush.
All of these benefits can be provided with effective BI (Business Intelligence) and analysis of the huge amount of data that is captured through various operations and customer interaction. One of the most effective ways of gaining such valuable insights is through video analytics data captured by optimally placed in-store cameras.

Some video analytics features that directly or indirectly (as inputs to BI engine) contribute to enhancing the consumer experience are
- Queue management
- Smart shelves
- Crowd management
- Product placement
- Analysis of facial expressions and eyeball tracking.